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Gym LifeStyle with Jeff McMullen

-Based in San Francisco,CA,USA Jeff McMullen, with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, is an international fitness presenter and is affiliated with premiere clubs The Bay Club Marin, CRUNCH, EQUINOX, and Sports Club LA, has been featured or starred in 17 fitness DVD’s; is a master trainer for WaterinMotion, Jumpsport® Fitness, The Indoor Cycling Group and TRX® GSTC / STC courses; and a Lululemon Ambassador alumnus.

-ACE - Group Fitness Instructor
-TRX - TRX Group Suspension Training Course
-TRX - TRX Rip Training Course
-TRX - TRX TEAM Certificate
-Work:Fitness Consultant у Body Brokers, Group Fitness Manager у Equinox и Master Trainer у Tabata Bootcamp.

-Best of Jeff McMullen:
-"Indulgent, dedicated, fierce but friendly, workaholic, enjoy the finer things and LOVE MY FRIENDS. Decide, commit, inspire, succeed....my mantra for life! Teacher, trainer, fitness is a lifestyle, let's do it!"

Jeff McMullen Favorite Quotes:

-"Fitness is a gift...give some to yourself and pass it on" ~ JAM

-"Fitness is universal - it unites generations, ethnicities and nations" ~ JAM

-"Decide.Commit.Inspire.Succeed. It's all up to you!" ~ JAM

-Words that Jeff McMullen lives by:

People about Jeff McMullen:
-"Jeff’s energy is always so pure, so fresh and SO POSITIVE. This man is meant to light peoples’ fires…he is a motivational match!"
-"He is amazing trainer and friend! Love to work with him!"
-"One of the best trainers i worked with and handsome haha!"
-"He always have time to explane things again and again if i dont understand! Love that about him!"

-Accomplishment that Jeff is most proud of is "2012 NOXie award for excleence in Group Exervise."

You can contact Jeff McMullen by his social media or email:
Instagram:@jefffitnesspro or Click here
Snapchat: xrcize
                                                                Photos of Jeff McMullen.

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