понедељак, 15. фебруар 2016.

#HashTag Power (Instagram Part.2.)

- Let's talk about HashTag's for a second. Hashtag's are really important part of the pic.Alot of people search HashTag's at daily bases to find what they like.It's all about sharing,searching and liking pic's.HashTag is a great tool to expose pic's to the different kind of audience.It's all about exposure.

-There is one trick that i use.Some Hashtag's have million's post's,so let's like some of those pic's.Liking pic's is another great way to gain likes and follower's.My fav HashTag's are #likeforlike #like4like.
Type HashTag at searching and click on that HashTag.Start liking some pic's and you will get like's back and maybe a follow too. Like as many as you can but don't forget to leave a comment on some pic's also.

-In a caption section you can put 30 Hashtag's,but you can also post some extra HashTag's in your comment section also.Remember you can always delete or change HashTag's.

-Stupid HashTag's?
Many people who asked me about HashTag's tip's said that they HashTag their pic's but they don't get results.So we have two option's here:
-1. You use wrong HashTag's (#hashtag that you created and nobody know's about that hashtag.)
-2. Relate your HashTags's with your pic (i want to see a pic's of dog's,i search #dog hashtag and i don't see a dog i see  your pic,im not gonna like it.I like dog's)
-You have alot of HashTag's and if you don't know how to HashTag you always can download an app.HashTag app's are a great tool.They have section's like: Nature,Food,Animal's,Sport,Art...Find your section and start HashTagging.Best app's for HashTag's in my opinion are TagsForLikes Pro (0,99$) and Top Tags for Instagram Likes.

-I hope that i help you to understand HashTag's and purpose of HashTag's. Happy HashTagging :)  

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