недеља, 14. фебруар 2016.

-Instagram became a big part of our life's, so let's make this life little bit easier with this tips and tricks.

1. Before you start posting pic's and videos find a theme. It can be sport, pets, fan page, nature, food...

2. After step one you need to become creative. Find a good profile pic. Make it stand out, better pic more follower's. Also make a good bio and if you can, link other social media to your bio.

3. This step is really important. Find a best time to post. If you post around 4, 5 or 6pm you will likely get more followers. 10pm is bed time girl.

4. But what about pic's? Take some bright pic's. Natural light is the best for a perfect selfie. Don't forget to be creative with your pic's.

5. This is the step that I reaaaallllyyy love. Filters!! Explore with filter's, make a beautiful pic's with amazing effects. Be creative.

6. Hashtags and Captions! Hashtags are great for sharing your pic's with more people, not just you're follower's. But remember don't get toooo crazy with hashtags. We don't want to look... You know.
Captions are great for story telling. Be creative and share your moments with followers. (You always can add location)

7. And last but not least be nice to people. Leave a nice comment, follow, like and enjoy. Hope these tip helped you :)


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